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฿ 80.00
Many of plant-based foods try to imitate the taste of animal products by adding a lot of chemical-made artificial flavors. Flogurt is different. We do not fake the dairy taste. For us there are the huge gap between the eatable chem substances and food. Our Bulgaria-style yogurt honestly represents the creamy taste of natural plant yogurt from the perfect yogurt brewing.


฿ 95.00
Long time ago, in Mesoamerica, the orchid names “tlīlxochitl”, Vanilla planifolia, enlightened that half of the world with its aromatic fruit, the vanilla. Whilst a bark of an evergreen tree, Cinnamomum, aromatized the other half of the ancient world, Egypt and Mediterranean. The perfect combination of pure Tonga vanilla and Java cinnamon in Flogurt will bring you an exotic taste experience. Bursting with the dynamic cinnamon tase in the creamy texture, follow by the slightly softer and much smoother of vanilla and Flogurt flavors.

Passion Fruit

฿ 95.00
By name Passiflora fruit, what we call passion-fruit, should be the best matches to Flogurt, and that is true. We top the fresh yellowish fruit on Flogurt. The taste of topical flavor, sweat and sour, with rich notes of fruity, gently blended with the note of creamy yogurt. This exceptional craft plant -based yogurt will make you enjoy for the whole day.

Sugar Free (Ketogenic Diet)

฿ 110.00
For those who strengthen the body and soul with ketogenic diet and those who want to avoid sugar, we provide the sugar free yogurt with Erythititol, from fermented glucose. The taste is unique, flat note at the beginning, along with the sense of full body yogurt. And if your taste buds are fine enough, you can feel the faint mint-like tase at the end.

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